Web Design Course Content


  • Introduction to Dreamweaver or WordPress
  • Introduction to HTML and XHTML
  • Introduction to Cascading Style sheets
  • Viewing and editing HTML tags
  • Opening an existing web page
  • Creating a HTML web page from scratch
  • Entering and aligning text
  • Bullets and indents
  • Formatting Text
  • Setting page properties
  • Copying external text
  • Text and background colour using simple CSS
  • Inserting JPEG or GIF Images
  • Setting Links - Anchor 'Top of Page' links, Hyperlinks, E-mail
  • Setting link colours using simple CSS
  • Creating and linking a multi-page web site
  • Uploading your web site


  • Using Dreamweaver Templates, creating editable regions
  • Using Dreamweaver Layouts and CSS resources
  • More on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to format your web page
  • More on Cascading Style Sheets to layout your web pages
  • HTML Tables, inserting rows, columns
  • HTML Merging columns - colspan
  • Table Properties
  • Working with Images
  • Background colours and images using CSS
  • Uploading to the world wide web
  • The importance of keywords and promoting your site


  • Incorporating a Blog
  • Image links
  • Navigation Bar with rollover images and links (Adobe Dreamweaver)
  • Creating a user form
  • Making use of internet resources
  • Shopping with Paypal

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